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 simplesite scam

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PostSubject: simplesite scam   simplesite scam EmptyThu Jun 23 2016, 10:27

simplesite.com is a big scam BE WARNED they will empty you C/C or even your PayPal account!

A while back i was looking to start a small website and i tested some 'free' software. Mostly all you had to give was an Email to get started but some ask for proof of age.

So i stumble upon simplesite.com ...

They offer me a 100% FREE package, just fill in your Email and we do the rest...so you start filling in all the questions and you expect no charges as they ( simplesite ) stated many times not charge you!
The software that this company offer is so outdated and ridiculous that i never even logged in a 2nd time, what a waste of my time!

a few weeks later i log into my PayPal acc and i notice 2 charges been made by simplesite. i block the money and contact PayPal but they did not want to help me and still paid out my money!

They also informed me that simplesite tried yet another collection, but i was smart enough to remove my bank details and empty the acc before this happened!

Simplesite.com is a scam !!!

via Facebook i was contacted by dozens of other victems so please be aware and stay out of simplesite.com their way or pay!

Please copy this text and warn others!

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simplesite scam
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